Welcome to MyLocker. As the name suggests, this is your digital locker for important credentials either received or earned at Stanford University. The service will be available to you for as long as you can authenticate and access the site; as long as you have an active SUNETID recognized by WebLogin, you are able to access your locker. You can login anytime at https://mylocker.stanford.edu.

The Stanford diploma is the inaugural offering within this site. However, MyLocker will continue to improve over time as new types of credentials, features, and functions are added. Please let us know how you like this service, and how it may be improved for your convenience, by e-mailing mylocker-comments@lists.stanford.edu.

Linking Social Accounts

MyLocker offers you perpetual access to your credentials by supporting the ability to link one or more of your social media accounts to your Stanford identity. When your Stanford SUNETID expires several years after graduation, you will still be able to login to MyLocker with your linked accounts.

To link an account, sign in to MyLocker using Stanford WebLogin, then click the "Social Accounts" link at the top right of the page. This page allows you to link new accounts, view existing linked accounts, and unlink accounts.

When you select an account provider to link, you will be directed to that provider's website to sign in with your account managed by that provider. The provider will also ask your permission to grant MyLocker access to your identity information. If you accept, you will be sent back to MyLocker and the account will be appear in the list of your linked accounts.

You can sign in to MyLocker with any linked account instead of using Stanford's WebLogin. Simply click the provider's icon on the MyLocker home page; you will be redirected to the provider's site to authenticate, after which you will be sent back to MyLocker to view your documents as usual.

MyLocker stores only the ID, email, and owner name of your linked accounts. When you grant MyLocker access to your identity information via the provider's website, you will be able to review the list of permissions requested by MyLocker in order to retrieve this data. It is important to note that MyLocker will never have access to your social account password. All data is retrieved from your account provider by way of a limited access token in accordance with the OAuth authorization standard.